This years ride is on Sun 5th July 2020 – 100km from Wales to Manchester

Shimon Max

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Aim Habonim is a Jewish, Manchester based, non-profit charity dedicated to offering therapy and education, to young children with special needs and disabilities within the Manchester community. Aim Habonim provides therapy for children in other schools who have split placement or come in for therapy sessions. I don't Davka try to do things Very different from the Norm. But Le'ma'a'seh that's how it turns out. Most of you (by now) know me for being the Only Frum Heimishe Lollipop Man in - the Whole of the North West.....? Hmm.... I've always wondered if EVEN BEYOND THIS ALSO.... Maybe in the Whole of England?? But how many of you (especially the "New Comers" to Town!) know that R' Shimon is probably the Only Frum Club Cyclist from his youth. Riding in Club Runs ~ Taking part in both Time Trails - (where each rider is "sent off" a 1 minute intervals) These included approx "10's" - "25's" & even 1 or 2 "50's" Mile Time Trails. As well a "Mass Start - Road Races.... All back in the Day - from the late '70's to the mid 80's. Then my life changed & I gave all this up (PLUS WORK!! which was a Self Employed Printing Business in those days!!), to go to Yesivah which lead to my Chassuna which in turn to starting a Family, which then became the end of my Cycling Career.......!! Time however moves on, my children have all grown up, so don't need me to take them out anymore - so one day I realised - I have "Time on my Hands" now on Sunday afternoons. Why not get back on my bike, so that's just what I did, after getting it "done up" again.

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