Aim Habonim is a Jewish school in Manchester for children & young adults with special needs.

With children and teens aging from birth up to 20 years old, our educational and therapy program includes anything from dealing with children with light behavioural issues, to managing children and young adults with more severe disabilities who require 24/7 care. We provide support strategies and interventions that are differentiated and personalised to meet the needs of each individual child.

Aim Habonim is in desperate need of a purpose-built building which is vital to be able to continue to provide the wide range of education and care to our special children and young adults.

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What could we do with a purpose-built building?

Space to be able to group the children according to their levels so that they can reach their potential quicker.
Larger areas of space to deliver interventions, life learning skills and a mini business centre for the Post 16 department.
Custom built hydro-therapy pool which our children need regularly. Currently it takes a whole day for the school to go swimming and we can only do it once a week.
Purpose built sensory rooms which is vital to help improve the children’s weaker senses.
Expansion and increase of therapy rooms.

With your support we will build our dream.

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